Columbus Parks & Recreation Department Sports Tournaments

The department is very fortunate to have first-class facilities and crew, and as such, are able to run first-class tournaments each year in cooperation with our professional Tournament Directors! As a department we host and hold tournaments for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. While the benefits to the department, City of Columbus, and Bartholomew County (in addition to surrounding counties) are countless, we wanted to share some highlights with you!

  • National Exposure – Teams travel from all over to participate in our events annually not just because of our facilities but also the welcoming environment of the City of Columbus. (Sports Planning Guide Article)
  • Economic Impact – On average, a direct spending impact to Bartholomew County of over $12 million dollars occurs annually. Of that $12 million dollars, approximately $8.5 million is generated as a result of sports events hosted by our department. Our events bring in almost 65,000 visitors to Bartholomew County. This all translates to an increase in business to our hotels, restaurants and businesses in the community.
  • Recognition – The Lincoln Park Complex was recognized by both the National Softball Association (NSA) and USSSA, as complex of the year. Each year, staff is recognized for their efforts in diamond and turf management and is continually told by tournament directors that their efforts are second to none across the state of Indiana.

For inquiries about hosting a tournament through Columbus Parks & Recreation Department, please contact our Director of Sports Programs and/or visit our sports facilities rental page for pricing and facility information.