Annual Reports

Want to learn more about the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department’s financials, projects, and accomplishments? Download our Annual Reports below:

Master Plans

The purpose of a master plan is to provide a vision and framework that allows us to fulfill our physical and programmatic needs as we grow our community in a way that creates a unified department character and identify. A master plan should provide achievable, flexible,and fiscally responsible development plans that will help to ensure we can accommodate future activity levels, support our mission statement and forge forward striving to achieve world-class parks, programs, and facilities.

Parks Department Master Plan Reports
Want to learn more about Columbus Parks & Recreation Department? Download our Master Plan Reports below. You may also check-out a copy of the current plan at the front office of Donner Center to read while on premises (Mon – Fri 8am-5pm).

2007 – 2011 Master Plan (PDF)
2012 – 2016 Master Plan (PDF)
2017 – 2021 Master Plan (PDF)
2017 – 2021 Master Plan Appendices (PDF)
2022 – 2026 Master Plan (PDF)
2022 – 2026 Master Plan Executive Summary (PDF)

Fair Oaks Mall, Donner Park and Center, Surrounding Area Connectivity, and Land Use Master Plan
The FOCDC contracted MKSK to conduct a Master Plan of the Fair Oaks Mall and Donner Center. This master plan is intended to describe concepts for the future Fair Oaks Mall and Donner Park and Center. The select details it provides, such as the size of uses within the buildings and their proximity to each other, are intended to be illustrative and capture key master plan conclusions. This plan does not represent a design. The concepts it provides are expected to evolve over time and be adapted as additional information becomes available through subsequent detailed design efforts. This master plan will inform future policy and budgeting decisions with respect to investment at Fair Oaks Mall and Donner Center and Park. This master plan also outlines key connectivity enhancements that will link these assets to the community and one another. Lastly, over time lands surrounding Fair Oaks Mall are anticipated to redevelop. This master plan provides guidance for desired uses and formats for future development in this area.

Download a copy of the Final Master Plan (PDF).


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