Full-time, Part-time & Seasonal Employment Opportunities & Application Process

To view all job openings or to apply online visit City of Columbus Employment Opportunities or call or email Columbus Parks and Recreation at 812-376-2680 or parks@columbus.in.gov to make an appointment to apply in person if you need help, accommodations or don’t have access to the internet elsewhere. We welcome all applicants and are pleased to schedule an appointment for you to apply in person.

Full-Time Positions: Apply Now!

Part-time & Seasonal Job opportunities: Apply Now!

Donner Pool
Swim Instructor

Hamilton Community Center and Ice Arena
Skate Guard
Office Supervisor

Columbus Gymnastics Center

Donner Center
Building Supervisor

Fieldhouse Ticketing/Concessions
Fieldhouse League Supervisor
Building Supervisor
Child Watch Staff
Fitness Client Care Specialist
Front Office

Parks Grounds
Park Horticulture
Athletic Fields
Golf Courses
Hamilton Community Center and Ice Arena

Playground Supervisor
Day Camp/Preschool
Other General Recreation

Batting Cage Attendant
Tennis Instructor
Sports Supervisor

Golf Courses
Range Ball Pickler
Golf Cart Attendant

Farmer’s Market
Information Booth

Park Patrol

All applications are held on file until the end of each calendar year.

The City of Columbus is an Equal Opportunity Employer- Discrimination in employment because of race, religion, creed, color, natural origin, ancestry, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or liability for service in the Armed Forces of the United States is prohibited by City policy. In addition, the City employment policy requires compliance with national and state employment practices, laws and regulations.

La Ciudad de Columbus es un Empleador de igualdad de oportunidades- la discriminación en el empleo por motivos de raza, religión, credo, color, origen natural, ascendencia, discapacidad, edad, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad de género o servicio en las Fuerzas armadas de los EEUU está prohibida por la política de la Ciudad. Además, la política de empleo de la Ciudad requiere el cumplimiento de las prácticas, leyes y regulaciones laborales nacionales y estatales.