Fall 1 Group Ice Skating Lessons
Session Lessons August 8 – September 30.
Registration Starts July 25
Register by the Friday before the start of the session and save $8 per registration!

110010-1BSnowplow Sam 1 **Tuesdays4:00 p.m.$75*
110010-1ASnowplow Sam 2 **Tuesdays4:30 p.m.$75*
110010-1DSnowplow Sam 1 **Saturdays11:00 a.m.$75*
110010-1CSnowplow Sam 2 **Saturdays11:30 a.m.$75*
110100-1ABasic 1Tuesdays4:00 p.m.$78*
110100-1BBasic 1Saturdays12:00 p.m.$78*
110140-1ABasic 2Tuesdays4:00 p.m.$78*
110140-1BBasic 2Saturdays12:00 p.m.$78*
110180-1ABasic 3Tuesdays4:00 p.m.$78*
110180-1BBasic 3Saturdays12:00 p.m.$78*
110220-1ABasic 4Tuesdays4:45 p.m.$78*
110220-1BBasic 4Saturdays12:45p.m.$78*
110260-1ABasic 5Tuesdays4:45 p.m.$78*
110260-1BBasic 5Saturdays12:45 p.m.$78*
110280-1ABasic 6Tuesdays4:45 p.m.$78*
110280-1BBasic 6Saturdays12:45 p.m.$78*
110370-1ANoviceThursdays4:00 p.m.$86*
110350-1ASpeed Skating 1
Tuesdays4:00 p.m.$78*
110350-1BSpeed Skating 1Saturdays12:00 p.m.$78*
110355-1ASpeed Skating 2Tuesdays4:45 p.m.$78*
110355-1BSpeed Skating 2Saturdays12:45 p.m.$78*
110410-1AAdults/TeensSaturdays12:45 p.m.$78*
111520-1AHockey Basics**Thursdays5:15 p.m.$75*
111520-1BHockey Basics**Saturdays12:00 p.m.$75*
111530-1AAdvanced Hockey Basics**Thursdays5:45 p.m.$75*
111530-1BAdvanced Hockey Basics**Saturdays12:30 p.m.$75*
*Register by the Friday before the start of the session and save $8 per session!
**These classes are held on the small ice.