Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena Group Ice Skating & Hockey Lessons

Group Ice Skating & Hockey Lessons
Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena’s group skating lessons follow the U.S. Figure Skating Association’s Skate with US program which is a beginning skating program that is fun, challenging and rewarding. The program will also enable skaters of all ages to learn the fundamentals of skating and begin a lifetime commitment to health and fitness. The program has 6 levels of basic skills followed by specialized programs in freestyle, hockey and power skating. Please specify if skate rental is needed when registering! Call (812) 376-2686 to register.

Snowplow Sam (ages 4-6): 30 minutes of instruction for beginning skaters.

Basic 1-6: 30 minutes of instruction. Classes are a progressive level of fundamental ice skating skills, including forward and backward skating, turns, crossovers, stops and edges.

Novice Club: 45 minutes of instruction for beginning figure skaters including stroking, jumps and spins. Skaters must have passed Basic 6 to be eligible for this class.

Speed Skating: Short track Speed Skating can best be described as NASCAR on ice! Whether you are looking to become a speed skater, or just wanting a fun way to get out and stay fit, the Learn to Speed Skate program is the perfect place for you! Speed Skating is a sport for all ages and skill levels. Come out and give it a try!

Adults Class: 30 minutes of instruction. Skaters learn fundamental ice skating skills including forward and backward skating, stops and turns.

Beginning Hockey Basics: 30 minutes of instruction on basic skating and hockey skills. All skaters will be in full hockey gear, available at Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena.

Advanced Hockey Basics: 30 minutes of instruction on advanced hockey skating and hockey skills. Players will begin to be introduced to game play. All skaters will be in full hockey gear, available at Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena.

Summer 1 Group Lessons
Dates | Times | Cost
Registration starts April 19, 2021
Classes held May 18- June 19, 2021

ClassDayTimeFall 1Fall 2Fee
Snowplow Sam 1 **Tuesdays4:00 p.m.130010-1A140010-2B$75*
Snowplow Sam 2 **Tuesdays4:30 p.m.130030-1A140010-2D$75*
Snowplow Sam 1 **Saturdays11:00 a.m.130010-1B140010-2A$75*
Snowplow Sam 2 **Saturdays11:30 a.m.130030-1B140010-2C$75*
Basic 1Tuesdays4:00 p.m.130050-1A140100-2A$78*
Basic 1Saturdays12:00 p.m.130050-1B140100-2B$78*
Basic 2Tuesdays4:00 p.m.130070-1A140140-2A$78*
Basic 2Saturdays12:00 p.m.130070-1B140140-2B$78*
Basic 3Tuesdays4:00 p.m.140180-1A140180-2A$78*
Basic 3Saturdays12:00 p.m.140180-1B140180-2B$78*
Basic 4Tuesdays4:45 p.m.140220-1A140220-2A$78*
Basic 4Saturdays12:45p.m.140220-1B140220-2B$78*
Basic 5Tuesdays4:45 p.m.140260-1A140260-2A$78*
Basic 5Saturdays12:45 p.m.140260-1B140260-2B$78*
Basic 6Tuesdays4:45 p.m.140280-1A140280-2A$78*
Basic 6Saturdays12:45 p.m.140280-1B140280-2B$78*
NoviceThursdays4:00 p.m.140370-1A140370-2A$86*
Speed Skating 1
Tuesdays4:00 p.m.140350-1A140350-2A$78*
Speed Skating 1Saturdays12:00 p.m.140350-1B140350-2B$78*
Speed Skating 2Tuesdays4:45 p.m.140355-1A140355-2A$78*
Speed Skating 2Saturdays12:45 p.m.140355-1B140355-2B$78*
Adults/TeensSaturdays12:45 p.m.140410-1A140410-2A$78*
Hockey Basics**Thursdays5:15 p.m.141520-1A141520-2A$75*
Hockey Basics**Saturdays12:00 p.m.141520-1B141520-2B$75*
Advanced Hockey Basics**Thursdays5:45 p.m.141530-1A141530-2A$75*
Advanced Hockey Basics**Saturdays12:30 p.m.141530-1B141530-2B$75*
*Register by the Friday before the start of the session and save $8 per session!
**These classes are held on the small ice.

  • Fall 1 Group Skating & Hockey Classes (August 10- October 2)
  • Fall 2 Group Skating Lessons (October 19- December 11) No class the week of Thanksgiving
  • Winter Learn to Skate and Hockey Classes(January 4- February 26)
  • You may register online for some classes.