1. What should my child wear to class? 
Something that is comfortable that they can move freely in.  Shorts & t-shirts are fine (no baggy shorts or shirts please).  The little girls like to wear leotards, but they are not required.  Please do not allow your child to wear jeans to class.  We also ask that children with long hair wear it up pulled up back out of their face & no jewelry should be worn.

2. Should my child wear socks or be barefoot? 
This is up to each individual child.  Socks or barefoot, either is fine.

3. What if my child wants to only learn skills on the floor? 
Your child should register for one of our tumbling classes (class for 5-7 yrs or 8-15 yrs).  In these classes the participants do not work on bars, beam, or vault.  They will only work on skills on the floor & the trampoline.

4. What is your make up policy? 
We are unable to let children reschedule and make up a classes due to other classes being full. If we cancel a class, we will provide each child with a voucher to use towards a upcoming session.

5. Where do we check in for classes?
Once you have registered your child for a class, you will enter the Gymnastics Center & proceed to our counter/desk in the facility.  There you will find name tags for each child.  Find your child’s name tag & place it on your child’s chest where our instructors can see it.  Then you can sit on the bleachers until it’s your child’s class time.  Our instructors will take attendance during the  warm up period.

6. How do I know when it’s OK for my child to enter the activity space for class?
Our instructors will  call out the classes by class title at the start of the class time & your child will line up by  the “snake” on the wall & then follow the instructors out to the activity floor for warm-up & stretching. *All classes have a short warm up period/stretching period as a large group & then break off into their separate classes.

7. Does my child have to wear a mask during class?

Masks are not required during class, because it is physical activity. Masks are recommended in the facility for ages 8+.