Who We Are

We help busy adults lose weight, gain energy and feel better with as little as two quick sessions a week!

AEI Fitness Center offers comprehensive functional fitness training in small and large group settings. We deliver life-changing results to our community by helping adults gain more energy, feel better, move better, lose weight or just live a healthier life. No matter what your fitness level is we are here to help you every step of the way. Each workout will be led by a qualified coach who will serve as a guide from start to finish to ensure you remain safe and motivated while you achieve your goals!

Services Offered

Small Group Training

Our small group personal training will have a personal training feel with up to 6 participants in a group. You will be side by side with people in the same boat as you! Each workout is designed to be safe and effective providing a well-rounded approach to ensure health and longevity for all of our adult clients. The workout will cover everything you need including soft-tissue work, mobility, a dynamic warmup, power work, strength training and hearth healthy conditioning. A qualified coach will be with you through every aspect of the workout from start to finish to make sure you are achieving your goals!

Large Group Training

Large group training will provide a guided functional training workout in a setting with up to 18 participants. There will be less individual attention provided by the coach, however the workout will be just as thorough and beneficial as small group personal training. This option is great for the adult that desires the guided workout but wants to be a little more independent.

Open Gym

Any adult 18 and over may come in during our Open Gym times and exercise independently. This is a great option if you are comfortable in your routine and are looking for a facility that provides more functional equipment.


We welcome you to enjoy the use of our locker rooms as part of your membership! Our locker rooms are equipped with restrooms, lockers and showers. You are welcome to bring a lock and store your belongings during your session or gym use, but lockers must be emptied at the end of your session.

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Employment Opportunities

For information on memberships, pricing or employment please feel free to contact our Fitness, Health and Wellness Manager, Jordan Bunch (jbunch@columbus.in.gov).