2020 Great Columbus CampIN! (Flyer PDF)

You may have camped out but have you ever camped IN? Join us for our annual Great Columbus Campout, but with a twist… this year we are camping IN! This year’s Great Columbus CampIN will be IN a box. These boxes contain everything you need for a fun and educational outdoor focused family weekend. Inside each box, we have prepared instructions, materials, and meals. We have compiled engaging, educational and fun outdoor-themed activities for the whole family, prepackaged ingredients for campfire “hobo meals” and created interactive videos that will be posted at Columbus, IN Parks and Recreation on Facebook. Embrace your families wild side, and join us on an outdoor adventure with the Great Columbus CampIN.

CampIN Themes

  • Art
  • Science
  • Physical Activity
  • Exploration
  • Engineering
  • Culinary Arts
  • Survivalist

Please only sign up the member of your household whom will be responsible for receiving additional information about this awesome activity!  *Our box has enough supplies for a family of four people with the option to add-on two additional family members for $10 each.  If you have more than six people in your family, please sign up for a second $50 family box.

Don’t forget to use our social media hashtag #GreatColumbusCampIN

Registration Dates:  Now – October 7, 11:59pm
Refund Deadline:  October 7, 5pm
Registration Fees:  $50 per box (Family of 4) |  $10 additional per person*
Delivery Date:  October 16

DateAgeLocation Fee
Saturday - Sunday, October 17-18All*Your Home!$50 (family of 4)

$10 additional per additional person (up to 2)

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.