Columbus Parks & Recreation Teen & Adult Programs

Monday Night Magic
Ages 14+ | Mondays | 5–9:30pm
Donner Center | $5 | Arrive by 6:30pm
Bring your playgroup and meet some new players at Monday Night Magic at Donner Center. We host a Monday Night Commander event from 5-9:30pm at Donner Center one Monday each month. Pay $5 at the door and receive your “MTG Bingo sheet” for the night. Each Bingo sheet has different tasks you have to accomplish to check off a square. A bingo gets you a pack.

April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
Registration: Drop In

Donner Board Game Nights
Ages 14+ | Fridays | 5:30-9:00 p.m. | Donner Center | $7
Here are at Parks, we LOVE board games. Join us once a quarter for a night of strategizing and not trading our bricks for our friend’s sheep! $10 gets you access to our board game library. Drop in any time between 5:30 and 9:00 p.m., pick from one of our many board game options and enjoy!

2020: 2021:
June 26January 15
October 9March 12
Registration: Drop In

Date in a Box
Ages 15+ | April 23 | Your Home | $46
Don’t sweat your next date with your significant someone, Columbus Parks and Recreation has taken all the guess work out of planning your perfect date and has conveniently planned and packaged everything you will need in a Date in a Box! Each box will contain a board game, couple’s games and activities, all the ingredients and recipes for a homemade meal, personalized date keepsakes, dessert and drinks. For more information, and a full menu visit or check out our Facebook Columbus, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department leading up to the event.
Registration: March 15–April 15, 5pm

Picnic in the Park for Two
Ages 14+ | May 22 | 11:30am
Mill Race Park | $48
Spring time picnics can be so fun and relaxing, but planning and packing for one can sometimes be a hassle. On May 22nd at Mill Race Park, we have done all the prep work for you, so you can get busy having a good time. This gourmet picnic experience will be made complete with a keepsake basket fully packed with delicious classic picnic fare, such as cheese, charcuterie, baguettes with spreads and refreshing spring time beverages. Grab your favorite picnic blanket
or comfortable outdoor chairs and enjoy a lovely and delicious afternoon in the park.
Registration: April 5–May 14, 5pm

Video Game Tournaments | Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Ages 14+ | July 17 | 4pm
Donner Center | $11
Choose your character and get ready to SMASH in our Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament. All skill levels are welcome. Please bring your
own controller.
Registration: April 5–July 13, 5pm

Mixology with Hard Truth
Ages 21+ | August 20 | 6:30–8pm
The Commons | $46
Learn how to shake, serve, and savor stunning, delicious craft cocktails with Hard Truth Distilling Company’s Mixology Class. In this session, you
can explore the world of White Rum Cocktails as you master bartending techniques, learn about cocktailing tools, and build great drinks. Over the
course of 60-minutes you’ll learn how to make three cocktails–the final one guests will make themselves. Price includes a cocktail shaker kit,
two cocktail samples, and one complete cocktail.
Registration: June 7–August 13, 5pm

12th Annual Mill Race Rummage Sale
Ages 18+ | October 2 | 9am–2pm
Mill Race Park | $21/space
Fee includes a 12x12ft booth space. You can bring your own tables or rent one of ours for only $5 a table. Set up the day of the sale starts at 7am and you must be ready by 8:45am. Admission to the sale is FREE to the public.
Registration: August 20–September 30, 5pm

Archery Tag 
Ages 14+ | August 14 | 2pm
Donner Center | $40 a team (5 players)
If Nerf, dodgeball and The Hunger Games were combined into a sport, you’d get archery tag. Teams of 5 will compete tournament style for fortune and glory. After an afternoon of firing foam arrows only true champions will remain.
Registration: April 5–August 6, 5pm

Basket Classes
Ages 18+ | September 16 | 5–9pm
Donner Center | $39
For all basket classes, students should bring a flat blade screwdriver, scissors, a large towel and a spray bottle for water. Classes are taught by Pat Carothers.
Registration: July 12–September 8, 5pm

Park of the Living Dead
All Ages | October 30 | 7pm, 7:10pm,
7:20pm, 7:30pm | Mill Race Park | $15
Do you have what it takes to survive an evening in the Park of the Living Dead? On October 30, Mill Race Park will be overrun with zombies. As survivors, it is your job to secure shelter, find food, train with a weapon, gain access to medical supplies and ultimately create the cure. Starting at 7pm, every 10 minutes, a group of humans will embark on their evening run to different stations to accomplish these essentials of survival and to find the cure. You will receive a map, and you may visit the stations in any order you choose, but the last station you visit must be “the cure”. Sign up for your time slot and prepare yourself for Park of the Living Dead! Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.
Registration: September 6–October 27, 5pm

Barista Class
If you are interested in learning the art of making café quality coffee beverages in the comfort of your own home, looking to take your coffee expertise to the next level, or learning how to identify different tasting notes of your morning brew, join us for a hands on lesson. We will go over several simple ways to make a delicious cup of coffee and try an assortment of different, freshly roasted beans. We will be focusing on refreshing summer inspired coffee drinks.

Summer Barista Class
Ages 15+ | August 8 | 9:30–11am
The Commons | $21
Registration: April 5–August 4, 5pm

Fall Barista Class
Ages 15+ | October 10 | 9:30–11am
The Commons | $21
Registration: August 9–October 6, 5pm