Here at Columbus Parks & Recreation Department, we take our responsibility to provide the participants (coaches, players, parents, referees/umpires, etc.) of our programs with a high caliber, high quality program, very seriously! We are always striving to improve our programs so that our community can continue to benefit from such a tremendous array of recreational sports opportunities. One of the reasons that we can maintain successful programs is by continuing to have the support of the individuals in our great community. Coaches, we cannot thank you enough for the time, energy and effort that you invest in our program and in your team! We only hope that you gain as much from your experience as a coach, as your players will gain by having you as a role model and mentor for the season!

As a volunteer in one of our most esteemed athletic activities, Youth Soccer, we want to help provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a coach. Below you will find some fantastic resources fit for new and experienced coaches alike. You will find resources for drills, gameplay strategy, resources to help develop yourself as a coach, and ways to help you build a cohesive team. By focusing on improving your players on the pitch, you will inadvertently be teaching them fantastic lessons for off the pitch as well. Again, we thank you for your time, and welcome any other resources you feel would benefit our coaching community.

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