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Join us on a culinary journey around the world. Every installment of Family Feast will highlight a different country, their culture and most deliciously, their food. As we learn about cultures through food, we will also learn new recipes and skills
in the kitchen. Grab the whole family and join us for a culinary adventure into foods from around the world. We will be joined by educators from Purdue Extension. Max 5 per family.

FAMILY FEAST: AUGUST | All Ages | August 11 | 6:30–7:45pm | Donner Center | $33/ family
In this installment of Family Feast, we will be visiting Mexico. We will scratch the surface of Mexican culture and we will learn how they use grains in their cooking. Our meal for this evening will include traditional Mexican fare. We will learn to make our own tortillas and use them in a recipe!
Registration: April 5–August 3, 5pm

FAMILY FEAST: OCTOBER | All Ages | October 19 | 6:30–7:45pm | Donner Center | $33/ family
As we celebrate Halloween, at this Family Feast, we are tracing this spooky holiday back to its origins in Ireland. We will learn about Irish culture and the history of the ancient people of Ireland, the Celts and the earliest Halloweens. We will explore some exciting uses for cabbage in the kitchen. We will also feature the turnip, the original jack-o-lantern!
Registration: August 5–October 11, 5pm