Effective March 4, 2022. The health and safety of our staff, participants and community are of the utmost importance to us. While our staff works extremely diligently throughout a “normal” year to ensure the cleanliness of this facility, we recognize we have now entered our “new normal.” Therefore, we will be increasing our cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing practices to ensure that we meet or exceed any CDC or local/state Health Department guidelines. We ask for your help and cooperation in cleaning up after yourself while in our parks and facilities.

You will be asked to respect the guidelines for maximum gathering sizes and 6-foot distancing while in any parks or facilities. Patrons visiting any of our indoor spaces have the option to wear a mask or not depending on their comfort level. At our outdoor facilities masks are also optional. This is true for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. We will be following all guidance in the Governor’s Executive Orders as well as local regulations. This means, that at any given time, we may need to hit pause where we are or that we might even need to take a step or steps backwards. We will adapt if/when those instances come up and will keep all participants and our community informed. Any specific COVID guidelines for our programs will be distributed during registration and/or in advance of the program.

Lastly, we recognize that us reopening to our community comes with it a responsibility to ensure your safety and we want to ensure you that we will continue to work extremely hard to earn your trust in this regards. Our first priority is that you feel safe when entering any of our facilities or parks, followed closely by ensuring that you have fun and are excited to get back to it! We know we sure are excited to get back to seeing all of the familiar and new faces!

Current City and Parks Department Mask Guidelines – Effective March 4, 2022.
For outdoor facilities and spaces:
– Employees do not need to wear masks if working outdoors; if not vaccinated, remain 6 feet apart;
– Employees working with children outdoors do not need to wear a mask; and
– Children outdoors have the option to wear a mask.

For indoor facilities and spaces:
– The public and employees have the option to wear masks inside City Facilities whether or not you are vaccinated.

COVID-19 Refund Policy

All refund claims require a minimum of 2-3 weeks to process.

For Parks and Recreation programs (COVID-19):
– If we are cancelling an event, we will notify you and you will be auto refunded the full amount which was paid at the time of registration for the activity.

– If we are able to reschedule an event but the event extends more than 1 week past originally scheduled completion date, we will give full refunds as requested and you will be effectively cancelled out of the activity. Reminder that registration will have completed so in most instances, you will not be able to register for the same activity at a later date should you change your mind and wish to enroll.

– If we are postponing an event but it takes place within the same timeframe (includes 1 week give or take as is typical with programs due to weather reschedules), we are not offering refunds. If we proceed with the activity, it will be because we have been given the guidance that it is safe to hold the program. Therefore, it would be a personal choice to not participate, which we understand, but cannot initiate a refund for in this case. Reminder that the parks department is working closely with the COVID-19 task force to make program determinations. For more information on that task force please visit https://covid19communitytaskforce.org/.

– For programs in our department that are a series of skill development programs (examples would be the Columbus Gymnastics Center sessions and Hamilton’s Non-Ice Show classes) that we cancel, we are issuing a full refund when requested and the participant will be cancelled out of the program. This is regardless of the number of classes taken. Because these classes build on skills we recognize the ramifications of not completing a full session. Therefore, you would need to retake the same class again once we get the all clear (or next time it is held).

– No other COVID related refunds will be issued.