Adventure Passport

Download your Adventure Passport 

Adventure 1:
Donner Aquatic Center
Sponge Water Bomb
Use these instructions to make your own reusable water bombs for plenty of fun this summer!

Adventure 2:
The Commons
Luckey Climber
Learn more about the Luckey Climber here.
How tall is the Luckey Climber? Write your answer in your passport.
To learn more about the current James A. Henderson redesign for The Commons Playground visit: The Commons Playground Redesign.

Adventure 3:
Columbus Gymnastics Center
Forward Rolls
Visit the Columbus Gymnastics Center Facebook page to complete this forward roll challenge.

Adventure 4: 
Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena
10 Min. Ice Conditioning
Visit the Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena Facebook page to complete this off ice conditioning challenge.

Adventure 5:
Star Wars Lightsaber
Use these instructions young padawan to create your own lightsaber!

Adventure 6:
Columbus Parks
1 mile stroll at a Park
Check out all the parks that Columbus Parks and Recreation has to offer here and go on a 1 mile stroll!

Adventure 7:
Putt Putt
Check out this simple at home putt putt golf course here! Be creative and make your own!