Columbus Parks & Recreation Department Tennis Program

Columbus Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of adult and youth tennis programs adults for both City of Columbus residents and non-residents. Programs are taught by our USTPA certified Director of Tennis, Mike Burt. All programs are held at the Burnett Tennis Courts (Donner Park) unless otherwise noted. Please bring your own tennis racket.

Online registration begins – Monday, April 1
Call-in/Walk-in registration begins – Monday, April 15
Registration ends – 5:00 p.m. the Friday before the class begins

Mike Burt, Director of Tennis
USPTA Certified
(812) 369-7635

Adult Tennis Level 1 (18 and over)
Designed to give adult players with no or very little tennis experience the opportunity to learn the basics of tennis and have the confidence to play on their own.

Activity CodesDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530350-1AJune 4 - 27Tues & Thurs6:00 - 7:00 p.m.$88Online
530350-1BJuly 9 - 25Tues & Thurs6:00 - 7:00 p.m.$66Online

Adult Intermediate (18 and over)
Designed to give adult players who can maintain a consistent rally of 20 shots or more the opportunity to play.

Activity CodesDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530360-1AJune 4 - 27Tues & Thurs7:00 - 8:00 p.m.$88Online
530360-1BJuly 9 - 25Tues & Thurs7:00 - 8:00 p.m.$66Online

Adult Drill & Play (18 and over)
Intermediate to advanced players. Tennis pro organizes 30 minutes of drills followed by 60 minutes of organized double play.

Activity CodeDatesTimeFeeRegister
530370-1A6/36 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1B6/106 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1C6/176 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1D6/246 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1E7/86 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1F7/156 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline
530370-1G7/226 - 7:30 p.m.$15/classOnline

Men’s Singles Flex-League (18 and over)
This flex league will consist of a round robin tournament, with 7-8 matches. Days and times will vary.

Activity CodeDatesTimeFeeRegister
530380-1AJune - Aug (Days Vary)*Varies$14Online
*This league scheduled by Tennis Pro, Mike Burt. For more information call (812) 369-7635.

Tiny Tots (4-5 yrs)
Designed to enhance your child’s gross motor skills through tennis related games and activities.

Activity CodeDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530200-1B6/4 - 6/27Tues & Thurs8:30 - 9a.m.$56Online
530200-1C7/2 - 7/25Tues & Thurs8:30 - 9a.m.$56Online
530200-1D7/8 - 7/24Mon & Weds8:30 - 9a.m.$42Online

Little Hitters (6-7 yrs)
Designed to stimulate the growth of hand-eye coordination and possibly find the next US Open champion.

Activity CodesDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530210-1C6/3 - 6/13Mon - Thurs9 - 10a.m.$88Online
530210-1D6/17 - 6/27Mon - Thurs9 - 10a.m.$88Online
530210-1E7/1 - 7/4*Mon - Thurs9 - 10a.m.$44Online
530210-1F7/8 - 7/18Mon - Thurs9 - 10a.m.$88Online
530210-1G7/22 - 8/1Mon - Thurs9 - 10a.m.$88Online
*Meets for one week over the 4th of July Week

Future Stars (8-11 yrs)
Teaches the basics of tennis and prepares players for match play.

Activity CodesDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530220-1C6/3 - 6/13Mon - Thurs10 - 11a.m.$88Online
530220-1D6/17 - 6/27Mon - Thurs10 - 11a.m.$88Online
530220-1E7/1 - 7/4*Mon - Thurs10 - 11a.m.$44Online
530220-1F7/8 -7/18Mon - Thurs10 - 11a.m.$88Online
530220-1G7/22 - 8/1Mon - Thurs10 - 11a.m.$88Online
530220-1H6/4 - 6/27Tues & Thurs7 - 8:p.m.$88Online
530220-1I7/9 - 7/25Tues & Thurs7 - 8p.m.$68Online
*Meets for one week over the 4th of July week

Challengers (12-15 yrs)
Teaches the basics of tennis and prepares players for match play.  

Activity CodesDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530230-1B6/3 - 6/26Mon & Weds11a - 12p.m.$88Online
530230-1C7/1 - 7/24Mon & Weds11 - 12p.m.$88Online
*Register for both classes and save $26!

Advanced Future Stars/Jr. Excellence (10-15 yrs)
Designed for players that have participated in several tennis clinics and/or middle school tennis players. Participants will gain match experience.

Activity CodeDatesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530300-1A6/4 - 6/27Tues & Thurs11a - 12:30p.m.$132Online
530300-1B7/2 - 7/25Tues & Thurs11a - 12:30p.m.$132Online
*Register for both classes and save $39!

One Day A Week Tennis Class

Activity CodesDatesAgesDay(s)TimeFeeRegister
530210-1K6/7 - 7/266 - 7 yrsFridays9 - 10a.m.$88Online
530220-1K6/7 - 7/268 - 11 yrsFridays10 - 11a.m.$88Online

Make Your Own Class. Parents, if you have a group of kids or even just one that wants to learn the sport of a lifetime, call Mike Burt to arrange a private class.

The Columbus City Open (Flyer PDF)
This Tennis Open is available to singles and doubles, both men and women, and for both adults and juniors (including beginners). Registration is 6/3/19 – 7/22/19 at 11:59pm online through USTA. If asked, the tournament ID is  850188519. You will be asked to create an account with USTA if you do not already have one, this is free and very quick and simple to do. Please retain your account number as you will then use that to register for this specific tournament. If you have a USTA account but cannot remember your account number, enter your personal information to create a new account, it will verify that you are currently a member and give you the option to email you your account number. Rules are currently available and draws will be made available by 5pm on July 25th.